Boss Pils --- Bohemian-style Premium Pilsner

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5.1% ABV         44 IBU           

Boss Pils is a clear golden Bohemian Pilsner-style lager with a rich but smooth and bready malt character.  Your first sip yields to a long finish with a prominent spicy hop backbone as the result of huge amounts of Czech Saaz used during various stages of brewing.  The Boss Pils also uses German malts and yeast. As you would in Germany, we invite you to enjoy it in our bier garden!

Bottle Exchange

Alcohol selection requires that you select either a new bottle or be part of the Bottle Exchange Program. Selection of Bottle Exchange requires that you provide a clean glass growler or howler from any brewery or restaurant and that you agree to accept any brand growler or howler in exchange. Glass growlers only.  The Alehouse reserves the right to reject any glass growler/howler that in our opinion should not be used. The Alehouse will happily refill your plastic growlers on a carryout basis only.